TestSpec is an integrated FIT Module which can be used to design and manage your complete testing process. TestSpec offers a quick and efficient, cost effective method to keep track of Test Cases, their execution and progress reports.
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#TestsEx (Sharp Tests Extensions) is a set of extensible extensions. The main target is write short assertions where the Visual Studio IDE intellisense is your guide. #TestsEx can be used with NUnit, MsTests, xUnit, MbUnit.
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It generates executable tests automatically from system requirements model in TCL, TTCN-3,C++ etc.
Online project planning, gantt charts, requirements, tests, defects & much more. Free for 5 users.
Hexawise helps test teams identify what to test in order to achieve more coverage in fewer tests.
XStudio is a free 100% graphical test management application that handles the complete life-cycle of your QA/testing projects from A to Z: users, requirements, specifications, SUTs, tests, tesplans, test reports, campaigns and linkages to defects.
Method and tool was developed in germany. TESTpresso contains a method to plan, perform and analyse tests. All phases will be supported by a database. The operations department can define test cases in their language and use MS-Word sheets. All data can...
SpiraTest provides a complete Quality Assurance solution that manages requirements, tests, bugs and issues in one environment, with complete traceability from inception to completion.
Test Controller is a free, hosted test management tool offering test management support via Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. It allows you to record and execute your tests, link them to requirements and track your results release-by-release.
Pro-Test can help you significantly reduce test planning time that ultimately provides more time to run tests that catch critical defects and result in improved software quality.
Detailed explanation about Load & system performance tests with examples .
Forecast is a powerful and flexible application performance testing toolset that easily and accurately tests the performance and scalability of applications and systems.
The Testing Tools Project provides frameworks for building testing tools by extending the TPTP Platform. The framework contains testing editors, deployment and execution of tests, execution environments and associated execution history analysis and reporting...
The VCL TestTool is based on libraries and can be used for automated GUI tests.
Reliability software used for the analysis of samples during destructive stress tests.
CoverageMeter is a complete code coverage tool chain. It analyzes the performance of a software validation and permits to optimizes the testing process of a C/C++ applications: finding untested code sections, reducing the amount of tests by finding redundant...
Mercury TestDirector for Quality Center streamlines the quality management process-from requirements gathering to planning, scheduling, and running tests, defect and issue tracking, and management-in a single, browser-based application.
Visual Studio plug-in for recording cross-browser functional tests. Built for developers doing testing, the tool allows test customizations in code within Visual Studio and conversion to unit tests.
Ration Robot automated the functional, regression tests for e-commerce, client/server & ERP applications. Similar Products: Mercury Interactive WinRunner, QTP
A utility for testing Java GUIs. Tests are recorded automatically (just use the application) and tested in source code. Works nicely with JUnit and is mostly useful for larger tests that consist of many steps.

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