The Open Group's purpose is to deliver assurance of conformance of Open Systems Standards through testing and certification of supplier's products. They've created TestWorks testing framework which consists of TET, TETware, and TETware Professional.
Tools for checking C against a variety of coding standards.
Quality assurance for Visual Basic source code enabling automated code reviews and effective Visual Basic coding standards enforcement.
Software Diagnostics and Conformance Testing Division "The mission of the Software Diagnostics and Conformance Testing Division is to develop software testing tools and methods that improve quality, conformance to standards and correctness.
Article about testing, QA, what is QA, common practices, standards & processes.
Get Familiar with the Tools Have at Least One Programmer on Your Team Set Some Standards Figure Out What You're Testing and Keep It Simple.
We can help your organization: • Determine ROI (Return On Investment) for SQA and Test activities including investment in standards certification • Set up Policies and Procedures for implementing an SQA Group • Implement or expand your current Testing...

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