RSTAR™ manages your tests and test data in a central repository to enable full reuse™ of all your tests, scripts and test data. It supports reusable test planning for manual tests that can be shared among testers and also directly automated.
TruePlanning allows you to estimate the cost, schedule, and effort of software development projects.
Manage requirements, including planning, workflow, traceability, review, change, and reporting.
This free Web site allows distributed teams to estimate by playing Planning Poker.
Online project planning, gantt charts, requirements, tests, defects & much more. Free for 5 users.
TestTrack TCM, a highly scalable test case management solution, manages all areas of the software testing process including test case creation, scheduling, execution, measurement, and reporting. Cross-platform TestTrack TCM features workflow and process...
MSTAR® is the industry''s most advanced testing process. This intranet-ready repository provides complete field-proven guidelines, templates, and samples for a risk-based and measurable testing process. MSTAR® also enables successful test automation with...
EBG Consulting offers practical training; coaching and agile jump start services; free (but substantive resources); and other services (mentoring, workshops design & facilitation, assessments) -- so you can deliver value while building healthy, collaborating...
Pro-Test can help you significantly reduce test planning time that ultimately provides more time to run tests that catch critical defects and result in improved software quality.
SEER-SEM is a powerful tool for software estimation, planning, and project control.
Accept 360 is a requirements management tool with enterprise product planning and portfolio management capabilities.
Mercury TestDirector for Quality Center streamlines the quality management process-from requirements gathering to planning, scheduling, and running tests, defect and issue tracking, and management-in a single, browser-based application.
Agile Enterprise is a Web-based agile planning and management application enabling leading agile methodologies such as Scrum, Extreme Programming (XP), DSDM, FDD, AgileUp, and hybrids.
TestBench for iSeries - fully integrated Database, Screen & Report test automation designed specifically for AS/400 iSeries systems: - Batch and Interactive program coverage - Advanced Test Planning, Data Creation and Management - Recording, Playback...
ScriptMap for Siebel is the only planning and functional testing tool which focuses exclusively on Siebel applications. Serpico's proprietary ScriptMap technology delivers functional 'testing with context'.
EzTest enforces a structured methodology accelerating end to end testing by embedding key differentiators in each phase – planning, resource optimization, automated test execution and customized reporting.
Its all about software quality assurance, sqa, testing, test cases, test planning, QA planning, SQA interview questions, ISO standards, software testing strategies, approaches, testing methods.
This article covers: Introducing the ATLM Phase 1: Decision to Automate Testing Phase 2: Test Tool Acquisition Phase 3: Automated Testing Introduction Process Phase 4: Test Planning, Design, and Development Phase 5: Execution and Management of Tests Phase...
This month's newsletter is delivered as an On-Demand webinar. It is the 1st in a 5 part series entitled "Uniting your Automated and Manual Test Efforts" and focuses on best practices for planning your automated test effort.
Provides a full spectrum of hands-on, practical software testing classes from Intro level topics to Test Project Planning and Mangement.

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