enables invoke Web service methods directly from within Stylus Studio. Supports WSDL, SOAD, XML, UDDI.
Software Diagnostics and Conformance Testing Division "The mission of the Software Diagnostics and Conformance Testing Division is to develop software testing tools and methods that improve quality, conformance to standards and correctness.
Improve is a free newsletter offering summaries of the latest developments on key methods and techniques.
Find software quality management information, including testing, quality assurance (QA), development methods and other software quality topics.
Methods & Tools is a free PDF newsletter for software developers.
Stag software specializes in "methods and tools" for software test engineering.
ISHIR's Quality Assurance (QA) and Independent Testing services ensure that applications are rigorously tested using industry-standard testing methods and QA processes. ISHIR relies on people and processes to build an offshore testing plan for our clients...
Testing Services/Test Methods Quality Assurance Services Service Areas Methodology Project Management
sqaMethods provides affordable Testing Automation consulting services in the United States.
An international organization in search of effective methods for detection-software quality control and prevention-software quality assurance.
Capacity Planning for Web Performance : Metrics, Models, and Methods Author: Daniel A. Menasce, Virgilio A. F. Almeida Published: 1998 Pages: 450 ISBN: 0136938221 Price: $58.00 Great book for load and performance testing architecture planning.
Author: William E. Perry Published: 1991 Pages: 848 ISBN: 0471588040 Price: $89.99 Quality Assurance for Information Systems : Methods Tools, and Techniques
Author: Diane Stottlemyer Published: 2001 Pages: 448 ISBN: 0471414352 Price: $39.99 Automated Web Testing Toolkit: Expert Methods for Testing and Managing Web Applications New Book!

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