The VCL TestTool is based on libraries and can be used for automated GUI tests.
WinRunner Tools available here. 1) Microsoft installer package 2) Function Browser 3)GUI Map Editor 4) GUI Map compare etc
Testing Anywhere is a powerful testing software that automates any type of testing. With powerful GUI based recording capabilities & no-programming required user interface, it enables efficient web testing & automated software testing. You can convert...
TestGUI captures and interrogates the individual elements that make up a screen, rather than mapping it out pixel by pixel. This vastly increases the quality and detail of the data captured and guarantees total capture, verification and replay of all...
GUI & Web application testing software from Original software. No scripting language to learn to use this product. Code free testing, Self-healing technology, Server side testing , Testing for Lotus notes applications.
QF-Test is a highly flexible professional cross-platform tool for Java GUI test automation.
Maveryx is an automated functional testing, regression testing and GUI testing tool for Java applications.
Marathon runs gui based acceptance tests against swing applications. It is composed of a runner, and recorder, and an editor. Tests scripts are expressed as python code.
QTP is GUI object based tool provided HP mercury for test automation, this tool is based on Object repository, easy to learn, use and customize.
Create automated GUI tests for programs written with Java and Swing without any programming.
GJTester is an implementation of the Computer-Aided Software Testing (CAST) paradigm. It provides a powerful GUI to accomplish Java unit and regression test without programming effort.
eggPlant is niche GUI automation testing tool. eggPlant is automated QA test software that is... • non-invasive • technology agnostic • easy to script and use .
The Architect is a high-productivity, PC based, automated test tool for text-based applications. The Architect tests character based applications running on Mainframe, AS/400, RISC6000, VAX, HP/UNIX, NT/Console, NT/GUI Text, etc. via PC emulation under...
The standard in X Window GUI testing .
Performs Scriptless GUI Testing.
Scripted testing of Java GUI components and applications.
Covers following topics : The Traditional GUI Automation Approach A New Way of Thinking About the Problem Implementing the Framework Lessons Learned Using Your Performance Test Tools.

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