Javelina Code Coverage Tool

Javelina is an advanced code coverage tool that uses dynamic instrumentation. Dynamic instrumentation allows code coverage data to be acquired with a minimum overhead. Once a section of code has been executed, the instrumentation for that code is removed. Thus, there is a performance hit only the first time a section of code is executed. Javelina obtains its line number information from the compiler-generated debugging information. Because of this, Javelina does not need to be ported to every compiler. In addition, any compiled language which has debugging information can be analyzed. Mixtures of languages and compilers in a single executable are also supported. Javelina's advanced logical operations can accept coverage data from many sources (currently Javelina/Dyninst and Javelina/Atom). It is possible to convert coverage data from your favorite format (e.g. gcov) into a form which can be used by Javelina.
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Javelina Code Coverage Tool,
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