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Beta Soft Systems is a relatively young company in the consulting space. But we are hungry to solve more and more business problems. We do not take our clients business lightly, That’s precisely why we believe in having our skin in the game. We have a revenue sharing model that clearly lays the ground rules for our consulting business. Once we’ve finished the initial requirements gathering process, we offer our clients a clear picture of the specific revenue impact our consulting solution will provide. On approval we invest dedicated resources at our client’s site to ensure a quick and comprehensive business solution. We follow this up with a robust in-house monitoring system that tracks the impact the consulting methods make on the business.

Beta Soft Systems, is a consortium of highly qualified and experienced professionals working together to deliver proactive, consultative and collaborative solutions designed to meet the needs of every client. We meet diverse business needs, addressing clients who need a single resource to others who require a team or a steady pipeline of IT professionals to address the business requirement. Our Talented consultant workforce is skilled in areas of Project Management, Business Analysis, Quality Assurance and other disciplines of IT Management and Execution. We also have a rich talent pool of Database Experts, Subject Mater Experts, Solutions Analysts, Engineers and Developers. All these experts are deployed on the client site to asses possible process and system improvements required to build a strong business.

Management Consulting:

Business Solutions and design
Program Management
Project Management
Financial Management, Budgeting and Estimation
Defining organizational Scope, Enterprise Architecture Framework re-design
Branding and Social Media Consulting
Change Management

IT Consulting:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Supply Chain & Inventory Automation
Sales & Distribution
Service Management
Employee Attendance & Remuneration Management
Web Presence Overhaul & Payroll Management
Process Automation

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